Click here for the Nedbank Running Club incentives for 2024

Rules and Regulations that Nedbank Running Club athletes have to adhere to when claiming a Bonus.
1. Athletes can Qualify for Bonuses for one of the following Races: Two Oceans or Om die Dam or Loskop, not all of them
2. Marathon Bonuses will not be paid for any marathon (and/or Ultra) run within 30 days of each other
3. An Athlete cannot claim Bonuses for races run on 2 consecutive days
4. If there are no results the Bonus will not be processed.
5. Athletes must be wearing the official Nedbank Running Club Colours, both vest and shorts or crop top and tights as supplied by us.
6. The Full Nedbank Branding/Nike Logo (word/logo) must be visible on the running attire for the entire race for an athlete to qualify for the Bonuses. Make sure the race number does not restrict the club name.
7. The athlete must attend the official prize giving in full Nedbank podium kit including co-sponsors logos-Track suit or t-shirt/golf shirt and boxer shorts as we supplied to them. No other cap to be worn.
8. There will be a cap put on Bonuses paid out for the 2024 running year of R800,000.00. As soon as this cap have been reached the Bonuses will be reviewed.
9. The athlete has to mail us a Bonus claim form within 1 month after the performance or specific race.
10. Please take a podium photo of the athlete and include in the Bonus claim form.